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ulrich planfile 2

The Planfile 2 is an economy version of the Planfile in a single wall construction where fire resistance is not required.

  • Will hold more documents in less space than any other filing system.
  • Very easy to use because all of the filing is done at waist height.
  • Holds and protects documents using a unique spring compression system and heavy duty folders.
  • Standard folders have mylar reinforced hand holes.
  • Available customization can provide folders to hold several different sized maps, engineering plottings, architectural drawings, or any documents in one cabinet.
  • Lower cost per sheet filed than any other system.
  • Powder coated finish.

Planfile 2
Part Number Max Sheet-Size No. of Folders Capacity Active Capacity Inactive Folder Number Approx Ship Wt. Freight Class from 14750
EC3624 24"x36" 50 3000 6000 9065 450lbs 85
EC4230 30"x42" 50 3000 6000 9067 527lbs 85
EC4836 36"x48" 50 3000 6000 9068 586lbs 85



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